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JAARS Day October 2009

On October 3, 2009 JAARS hosted the fourth JAARS Day of the summer.  On these Saturdays, the JAARS campus is open for tours and the mission's work is showcased to the public.  This month the focus was on Information Technology as JAARS demonstrated how we use IT to help further Bible translation.

The IT Engineering team set up demonstrations to reflect work we have been doing around the world in the areas of solar power, satellite Internet connectivity, vhf radio e-mail and wireless networking.

JAARS Day Oct. 2009

I took pictures during the setup process the day before, and on JAARS Day as well.  I uploaded them to Google Picasa which is open to the public and I put captions on the pictures to describe them.  The slide show on the right shows some of the photos, but to see better quality pictures with the captions, just click on the slide show to go to the Picasa web site.

I am blessed to work with a great team of specialists who are experts in their respective fields.  We praise the Lord for enabling us to use technology to help in the eternal work of making His Word available to the bibleless people of the world!