November 2009

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

As we think about Thanksgiving, Krista and I want to express our thanks to you for your interest in our ministry.  We know that many people are giving sacrificially, and others are supporting us through prayer.  We are thankful for you!  The Lord has blessed us by allowing us to participate in His work, and through the relationships we have with so many wonderful believers.

Right after Thanksgiving I will be taking a brief trip to Nairobi, Kenya along with two of my coworkers.  During the week-long trip we will meet with the leaders responsible for Wycliffe's computer technology across Africa to develop plans for the next few years of computer improvements there.  Since Africa has some of the biggest needs for Internet access and communication and power improvements, the work we are planning will make a huge impact in furthering Bible translation.

One goal is to begin the development of a training program for the African nationals who are increasingly taking responsibility for managing the computer systems.  Along with praying for a safe trip, please pray that the Lord would give me and the team wisdom as we tackle some of these big challenges.  I have had my immunizations updated and my passport is ready to go.  I hope to take pictures on the trip to share with you on the Internet upon my return.

While I am in Nairobi, Krista will be organizing the JAARS youth Christmas banquet, to be held Dec. 5.  The youth group has grown greatly by 15 freshmen this year, so please pray for Krista's patience level as she works with the new and younger youth. :-)  After the banquet a friend and former coworker from Florida arrives to stay with us for a few days.  Krista is very much looking forward to this visit with her close friend.

As a follow-up to our prayer requests for Krista's health, she has not had any occurrence of the blurred vision or any other neurological issues.  We thank the Lord for the healing that He has given her in this area!  She continues to have occasional migraine headaches, but her medicine is working well.  In fact one of the drugs recently became generic so that will save us $90 per month.  Hurray for generics!  Between our insurance costs and out-of-pocket medicine we spend $900 monthly so any reduction is helpful.  Thanks for praying for her health concerns.

We would appreciate your prayers for our financial needs as well, especially during the Christmas season, but ongoing too.  Funds are very tight right now, and we are trusting the Lord to provide as He always has over the last ten years of our ministry.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We will post another update in December, Lord willing.

In HIS Service,
Hank, for Krista too!