July 2010

Dear Friends and Partners,
Since sending out our newsletter last month, I have been very busy at work focusing on the new Remote Connectivity project with The Seed Company and Wycliffe Associates. We are fully into the planning phase now and are starting to scale up our processes and staff in order to handle a larger magnitude of work due to this project. Wycliffe Associates is coming alongside to help with our needs for increased staffing. We are starting to plan more details for the initial deployments of computers and communication equipment to remote field sites. Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom in this major undertaking!
I am also tying up loose ends on other projects which I was involved with before, to bring my involvement in those to a close and to hand off further work to others, so that I can dedicate my attention to the Connectivity project. It is exciting to see the Lord's hand in the details as this project takes shape. I thank the Lord for the great team of coworkers who are passionate about serving Him with their skills!
On the home front, Krista and I will celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary in August. It does not seem like we have been married that long! We will be restating our wedding vows in a small informal service, and then taking two days for a mini-honeymoon in Charleston, SC. Krista has been saving a hotel gift certificate for this purpose which we were given two years ago!
Thank you for praying for Krista's challenges with migraines. Over the last couple of months they have been rather frequent, so the doctor put her on a new medicine this month which may help reduce them. Also when we were in Michigan in May, Krista fell and hurt her foot. She thought it was maybe a sprain but the pain has not gone away. This week she saw an orthopedic specialist and he has diagnosed that she has a torn tendon in her foot. She will be scheduled for an MRI soon to find out if surgery is necessary. Please remember Krista and these physical challenges in your prayers.
Krista and I know that many people are praying as well, for our financial provision. To update you on that topic our current shortfall is $850 per month. We are thankful for all of the people who are part of our sending team, whether that be through financial gifts or prayer! The Lord knows about our needs, so be praying that He would lead the additional people He wants to commit to financial support in order for our physical needs to be met.
Our son Nick will be a high school senior this fall. During the summer he is taking aviation training, first with ground school to reinforce the principles of flight, and later with time in the airplane. We are proud that he is taking this initiative, and also that he has found a part time job working at a horse farm. He is developing good experience and he is encouraged to receive a paycheck! This fall he will have some big decisions to make as he investigates colleges and possibly a military commitment. Please pray that the Lord would lead Nick to the path he should follow regarding his education options.
Amanda has been home from college for the summer, but she has only found sporadic odd jobs. She is mentally ready to get back to college, starting her Sophomore year, which will occur in a few weeks. I have been helping her research financial aid options and the complex world of college loans. Actually I have been doing most of that work and getting a headache from it, but she is learning and starting to make some decisions. She understands that it is her education and the financial burden is on her shoulders because we cannot help much with that. Thank you for praying for the Lord's provision and direction in her life! Her current plans (subject to change) are to become a French teacher and to teach overseas, possibly in French speaking Africa.
That's all the news from the Scotts for this month. Krista and I are blessed to have you as a friend and to know that people are praying for our family and our ministry!
For God's Glory,
Hank & Krista