August 2010

During August we saw a number of milestone events, both in our family and in our ministry.

We took Amanda back to college to begin her sophomore year at Appalachian State University.  She is settling into her dorm room and began classes last week, pursuing an education major in French language.  She changed her major last year from nursing to education, with hopes for future mission service as a teacher in French speaking Africa.

Nick also started his senior year of high school last week.  Please remember him in prayer as within the next few months he needs to firm up his college plans and potential military commitment.  He has a good chance for substantial ROTC college scholarships, but there are many forms to submit and decisions to make.

Krista and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this month.  We recommitted our wedding vows in a small service at JAARS with about 50 friends present.  You can watch the video of the service online from a link on our Video Albums page.  More pictures will be coming soon too, as are waiting to receive them on CD from the two college students who took them!  As referenced in last month’s update, we then took a short trip to Charleston, SC to spend a few days together there.  We took some photos on that trip which we have also shared.  We thank the Lord for blessing us with a great marriage!

At work last week we shipped out the first set of 4 low power netbook laptops for The Seed Company Connectivity project.  Once again, you can see related photos here.  These computers are destined for a very remote part of Papua New Guinea (PNG) where national Mother Tongue Translators (MTTs) are working on two Bible translation projects for two different people groups.  The translation consultant overseeing this work lives in Dallas, TX and travels to PNG once every six months.  These computers, combined with a satellite Internet connection and powered by solar panels will make it possible for the translator in Dallas to communicate daily with the MTTs and review their work.

As our first official deployment of many for this project we learned a lot through the initial software setup process, and we still have more to learn.  The computers are having final setup steps done in Dallas now, and then the translator will take them to PNG on September 4.  This is the first of many deployments, and we are excited to see how this will accelerate the translation process!  I am so thankful for the dynamic team of experts that I’m blessed to lead and the opportunity to use technology in this way.

Be praying for God’s blessing in this roll-out as there are many “firsts” involved, both for the technical team and for the MTTs - many who have never used a computer before.

Thank you for your ongoing support, prayers, and encouragement!

For those who have yet to hear,

Hank & Krista