April 2011

April 22, 2011:
Dear Prayer Partners,

Krista and I wish you a blessed Easter!  Thank you for praying for our ministry.  We feel blessed to serve the Lord as part of a larger team, to make His Word available in the languages of those who do not yet have it.

I continue to be involved with two large ongoing projects: Africa IT Connect to provide training to African IT workers, and the Remote Connectivity project to make computers and communications available to indigenous people for Bible translation in remote parts of the world.  Both of these projects are moving forward, each with some challenges, and at different paces.

The first series of training for the Africa IT Connect program just wrapped up with a workshop in Cameroon and one in Burkina Faso.  The latter workshop was conducted entirely in French.  We give God the glory as the first year of training was a big success!  I and a number of my coworkers are now developing the content for the second training series which will begin this June in Nairobi, Kenya.  Most of the content for the second series builds on the first year of training and it will be more advanced.  I would enjoy going to Kenya again to help with the training, but this time I will remain in North Carolina since Nick is graduating from high school during that same period.  We have a number of other qualified trainers lined up to teach the courses in Kenya.  Please pray that we would have adequate time to develop quality courses, as the Lord enables us.  Pray too that He would enable our African IT coworkers on the front lines as this technology is crucial to the work of Bible translation and language development!

Also thank you for praying for Krista as she continues to deal with migraines and some other health challenges.  Lately she has been extra frustrated with the various doctor’s offices, clinics, and our insurance company as all of them have trouble billing us correctly for the tests and procedures we have had done.  It takes a huge amount of Krista’s time to track down the charges to verify that they are correct, or to get the final amounts that we need to pay off.  Each office points to another one as the hold-up or where errors are made.  Pray that Krista will have wisdom and be able to understand the complex insurance and medical billing details, and also be a positive testimony as she tries to get details straightened out with less than courteous medical office staff.  We are thinking about finding a new primary care physician due to these billing issues, but it’s complicated to find another doctor who will be familiar with Krista’s medical history and her particular needs.

A couple of months ago I mentioned that Nick was considering attending Liberty University in the fall.  He has confirmed his interest to attend Liberty and we are still working with the college to find out what financial aid he will receive.  Please pray that the Lord would provide for this need, as we are concerned  for both of our children that they don’t incur huge loans as they go through college.

That’s the update from here.  We appreciate your partnership in this ministry, and we consider you a vital part of our team!

Thankful for Christ’s forgiveness,
Hank & Krista Scott
Wycliffe Bible Translators