August 2011

August 26,2011:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As hurricane Irene works its way up the East coast, Krista and I are sending out this brief update.  Sometimes our family and friends worry about our welfare when storms and floods hit North Carolina.  In this case we are far out of the path of the hurricane.  The national TV weather reports are focused on the coastal areas and those inland, in the storm’s path, but we are hours away from the coast.  The forecast for Saturday in the Charlotte, NC area is supposed to be mostly sunny, low 90’s and a bit breezy, and the local weather people say that we won’t even know a hurricane is hitting the NC coast.  There is always a chance that the hurricane’s path could shift and come inland, but at this late hour it’s very unlikely and the hurricane models are not predicting that at all.

After being through a few hurricanes in Orlando in 2004, Krista and I do take these things seriously, and I have already stocked up on gas for our generator.  Krista picked up some groceries today, mostly just because the fridge was empty, but also just in case, as sometimes there is a public rush on the supermarkets ahead of a hurricane.  It was amazing to see that effect in Orlando with literally bare shelves in the grocery stores!  In fact she said that milk and bread were already gone at the store here today.  But we expect a quiet weekend here.  We will be in prayer for the millions of people in the East coast cities in Irene’s path, who have not dealt with hurricanes before and may be unprepared despite the public warnings.  I’m sure we will see lots of news reports early next week about the damage.

On the family front, last week we delivered Nick to Liberty University and Amanda to Appalachian State University, and they began classes this week.  Krista and I are now starting to feel the empty nest, which is a pleasant change!  We are talking with both of our children daily, either by Skype or phone or text messages (their default mode of communication) and they have the typical “starting college” questions so we are all adjusting well.  Krista still faces migraine headaches but her medications make them tolerable.  Thank you for praying for our family as we step through these transitions!

Thanks too for praying for my Dad’s situation with dementia.  He is receiving excellent care at the facility he is at in Adrian, MI, and my sisters are investigating another place where he may move to which is less expensive and still offers good care.  We are encouraged to see a bit of improvement in clear thinking, now that he is getting good rest, taking his meds on schedule, and having plenty of stimulating conversations with a variety of people every day.

Things remain busy in my work with many active projects.  I’m blessed to lead a great team of people who are passionate about serving the Lord and who provide professional support and solutions for missionaries on the front lines.  Right now one team member is in Ethiopia setting up nine computers with cellular modems for Internet connectivity there in 3 language groups.  Another installation is being prepared for a translation project in the Solomon Islands, and we are working to send out satellite terminals to a number of translation projects in remote parts of Asia.

We are also gaining a few people who are joining Wycliffe as new missionaries and who want to work with us.  They still need to raise their support, but once that occurs over the next year or two, then they will come on-board to assist with the work.  We thank the Lord for sending help!  Wycliffe still needs about 190 more IT people worldwide today, so I don’t want to paint a picture that we are fully staffed – not by any means!  We are thankful though for those who are faithfully serving, and for the new people whom the Lord is calling to join the team!

We appreciate your partnership in this ministry!
Trusting Christ,
Hank & Krista