September 2011

September 19, 2011:
Dear Praying Partners,

Thank you for praying for our ministry!  Another month has gone by and it’s hard to believe that the 2011 year is nearly 3/4 over.  Krista and I want to share a few bits of information that we would appreciate your prayers for.

International Interactions:
This week is full of meetings for me.  Tonight my boss, Keith Robinson, from the UK, will be arriving for a week of meetings.  He will be staying at our house, which puts Krista’s hospitality skills to practice.  We probably won’t see much of Keith though, because he has dinners scheduled every night with various people for business meetings.  As one of the US/JAARS-based IT leaders, I will attend many of the daytime meetings that Keith is conducting to work through business process topics.

On Tuesday I will be meeting with the chaplain of the South Korean Air Force to give a tour of our JAARS IT department.  This man, Dr. Woo, is a believer and he is actively involved in “recruiting” Christian South Korean Air Force staff into missions-related technical fields when they exit the Air Force.  Since JAARS is involved with missions aviation and IT support, Dr. Woo wanted to learn more about how this ministry supports Bible translation, so that he could point people in our direction when appropriate.  While he is at JAARS he will also be touring Aviation and other technically oriented departments.

On Wednesday, I am part of a group of staff who are meeting with eight Chinese delegates.  These government officials from China are learning more about our parent organization, SIL and are touring some SIL locations including the JAARS center.  I will be demonstrating how we are using low power computers and solar power in remote locations.  Another IT coworker will be sharing about the software used in language work.  The focus of our presentations is on how SIL is involved with improving literacy for minority languages.

Since SIL has been working in China with the government’s knowledge and support for the last 25 years, the officials want to ensure that SIL is a professional organization.  Of course we do more than just literacy, but this is an area that the Chinese government is supportive of and it opens the door for our organization to work there.  I’m sure this will prove to be an interesting and educational meeting, both for the Chinese delegates and for me as well!

Please pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom and the right words as I share with these international guests.  Pray also that I would have energy to get through the busy week of meetings, as it will be mentally draining.  We will also have a team of software developers from the Orlando office here for meetings and for some orientation and team building.

College Update:
Both Nick and Amanda are doing well at their respective colleges.  Nick is having a great time at Liberty, growing in the Lord through the teaching and godly relationships with his mentors.  He started his first year with a fairly light class load so that he could get used to college life.  Amanda is getting used to living in an apartment near the Appalachian State campus, whereas she lived in a dorm during her first two years.  The lack of a car is a factor Amanda is still adjusting to now that she is off campus.  The campus bus takes her to the college, but not to church or to the grocery store, so she is relying on friends for rides.  Otherwise her classes are going well.

Krista and I are very much enjoying this new phase of our lives too, being empty nesters now.  I had mentioned in a prior update that Krista was starting a part time job to help our children pay for college costs.  She is working 25 hours per week for the Smart Start Resource Center, which is part of the North Carolina Smart Start educational program, similar to Head Start in Michigan and some other states.  This keeps her busy for a few days each week, but it still allows time to be home and focus on household duties and ministry involvement.  She enjoys being in the workforce again, after spending the last 22 years primarily at home, and this gives her numerous opportunities to share her faith.  All of the funds she is earning go to pay for college, so our kids still need college loans, but we hope to offset those amounts through her income.  Please pray for Krista’s energy level as she adjusts to this new schedule.

We feel blessed to have a team of partners praying for us, and supporting us monetarily.  Our financial support has been up and down over the past year.  Please pray that we will have consistent support which will better help us meet our monthly bills.  Considering the poor US economy, we thank the Lord for the MANY financial partners who have continued to give faithfully!  We are truly privileged to serve in this ministry.

I wish we could more effectively share with you the many small stories that we hear from others who are bringing God’s Word to those who need it.  It’s encouraging to hear about the impact it is making in people’s lives as they come to know Christ personally and learn better how to live for Him through His Word!

For HIS Glory,
Hank & Krista