May 2012

May 30, 2012:
Dear Praying Partners,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  Krista and I consider ourselves blessed to have a team behind us praying for our ministry!  As May wraps up we wanted to post this status and prayer update, so that you would know how to pray in practical ways.

On Again, Off Again...
In April we announced that we were starting to investigate a possible assignment in East Africa.  At first Krista and I were scheduled to make a trip to Kenya in May, but then those plans changed and the trip was postponed.  Then my boss asked me, "How soon can you go to Kenya?"  So we checked our schedules again and it looked like mid-summer might work well.  The answer came back from the people who I was to meet with in Africa that it would be best to wait until the fall.  So we are on pause again, waiting until the September timeframe.

Currently I am keeping busy in my role as SIL’s Director of IT Development with a bunch of administrative work and also, as time allows, continuing the development of a Smartphone course for our Africa IT training program.  Our organization’s Africa Area leadership is in the early stages of a big reorganization, so it will be better to wait until the dust settles before we make a trip there to investigate the needs.  Over the last 12 years of serving as missionaries, Krista and I have learned that flexibility is a key asset!

Maybe you too have felt pulled in different directions when making a decision about a job change, a family relocation, a major purchase, or some other potentially life-changing decision.  We usually just want to get past the point of decision – whether that be to move forward, or to stay where we are now, and then we can plan accordingly.  But often it seems like the Lord wants us to move slowly, and there is a long wait between knowing that something might happen and the time when it actually occurs, or does not happen.  This makes us deliberately focus on the Lord and seek His Will.  It also gives us more time to consider the impact of a decision and the alternate outcomes.  For us the bottom line is aligning with God’s Will because we have learned that when we are centered in His Will then things work out for the best, even when it looks improbable.

A Full House...
Both of our kids are home from college this summer.  The quiet home that Krista and I had come to enjoy after both of our children went off to college is once again a busy and noisy place when their friends visit!  Amanda returns to App State in July to take some summer classes.  She will be a senior this year, studying Nutrition, and she’s trying to fit in the remaining courses required for graduation.  She may need to attend college again next summer to finish up some courses which have prerequisite classes that she is taking this fall and next spring.  Following that she plans to pursue an internship, and she has a few different directions that she can focus on, depending on whether she decides to become a Registered Dietitian or another option using her Nutrition degree.

Nick is looking for a summer job to earn some income this summer.  He also has some issues to resolve with his college financial aid for Liberty University, so we would appreciate prayer for those two topics on his behalf.  Krista’s part-time job at the Union County Smart Start Resource Center is keeping her busy four days per week, and she was blessed to hire an assistant who is working out very well.  We are thankful for the Lord providing this extra income during this time of extra family expenses and lower than normal missions support.

Peace in the midst of a storm?
A couple of weeks ago a thunderstorm came through and a large pine tree about 30 feet from our house was struck by lightning.  We are really thankful that the tree did not fall as it could have done major damage to our house, and no fires started.  Our electrical supply lines run underground from the street, right past that tree, and to our house.  Therefore due to a power spike a number of small appliances were fried: our washing machine, the garage door opener, a DVD player and some home network equipment, but we didn’t lose any major equipment such as our air conditioner or our refrigerator.

If the lightning had directly struck our house I’m sure there would have been much more significant damage and possibly a fire!  Since that storm I have spent many evenings repairing or replacing equipment, just to get important functions working again.  I was able to replace a circuit board in the washing machine rather than having to buy a whole new unit, so that saved hundreds of dollars.  The cost of damages totaled to about $1,500 for total replacement, but our homeowners insurance has a $2,500 deductible, so we did not have enough expense to submit a claim for insurance coverage.  Still we are thankful for God’s protection from what could have been a more serious incident!

New phone number:
Our home phone number has changed to 704-243-7818.  We changed phone services to save some money but we could not port our old phone number to the new service.  Please make a note of the new number for future reference.

Thank you for praying for the following:
  1. A clear understanding of God’s Will as we consider a future assignment in Kenya, Africa.
  2. Funds to cover Krista’s airline costs to Africa this fall.  It’s important that she accompany me as we consider possible relocation.
  3. A summer job for Nick, and a quick resolution to the issue with his college financial aid, worth thousands of dollars.
  4. An inexpensive but reliable vehicle for Amanda, or transportation for Hank if we send Amanda back to school with Hank’s car, which is the most likely possibility.

We always love to hear from our friends and prayer partners, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Because of Christ,

Hank & Krista Scott