June 2012

Thank you for praying for our ministry!
This month instead of sharing a detailed technical update about my work and our family news, I (Hank) have written an article about recommendations for good password security.  I hope this will be a help to anyone who uses computers!

Below are some specific prayer requests as well.  We are blessed to have a team of people praying for us!
  1. Please continue to pray for Krista and me to clearly sense God’s leading as we investigate a future assignment in Kenya, Africa.  Over the last month news about this topic has been silent, but that is expected as there are some big changes underway this summer, both in organizational structure and in the leadership in Africa.
  2. We are tentatively planning to take a trip to Kenya this fall.  This is key to us understanding the needs there and whether they are a good fit for our strengths, our skills, and our calling.  Please pray that we would have the funds to cover Krista's airline costs of around $1,800.  Hank's expenses for the trip are covered by the organization but not Krista's costs.
  3. Nick has filled out many applications but has not found a summer job as most employers here are not hiring summer help.  Pray that something would still open up for him during July and the first half of August to provide some income.
  4. Praise!  Nick's college has resolved the issue mentioned last month with his financial aid, covering $17,000 of the coming year's $26,000 for tuition and room & board.  Nick has secured college loans for the remaining amount.
  5. Amanda is heading back to school on July 1 with our Chevy Malibu, which is safe and reliable.  If you know of anyone with an older car for sale, $1,000 or less, that we could buy for short-distance transportation back and forth to work, please let us know.  I can make critical repairs myself as long as they are not too costly.  Please also pray for provision of the extra funds for this expense, on top of all the other expenses before us.  We trust the Lord to provide for our needs!
Thanks again for standing with us in prayer!