August 2012

This month we mailed out a printed newsletter telling the story of Jacob, a national translator in Nigeria, and how technology has helped him speed up and improve the quality of Bible translation for his people.  We have posted the electronic version of this newsletter in our website's Newsletters section.

The newsletter lists our prayer requests for this month and for your convenience I have posted them below as well – thank you for remembering us in prayer!

  • We, along with a number of my coworkers, are low on support. The lack of sufficient funding distracts us from doing the kind of things that helped Jacob as described in the newsletter, and thus, slows the progress of Bible translation. Please pray that as we begin to focus on building and strengthening our team of partners (you!), God would lead others to join us in this ministry. You make it possible for us to serve in our God-given ministry through your encouragement, prayers and financial support. We will be sharing more about this in future letters, but if you want to know more now about joining our team or acting as an advocate for us with those you know, please contact us or see our this web page.
  • We thank the Lord for an answer to our prayers investigating an assignment in Africa. His answer was that we should notgo at this time. We are disappointed but we recognize God’s sovereignty in this matter. This door may still open in the future, in the Lord’s timing.
We also shared a great video on our homepage which tells how the New Testament has transformed the lives of the people in the Nadëb tribe from Brazil, as they have recently received the translation in their own language.  The video is just 10-1/2 minutes in length and it’s worth watching!  This story is a great example of why Krista and I became missionaries!

God Bless You,
Hank & Krista