September 2012

September 29, 2012:
Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your continued prayers and interest in our ministry.  Here are a few prayer requests and praises so that you can keep up to date with the news on our end and our prayer needs.

Donated Computer Networking Equipment:
A computer equipment sales business recently donated $20,000 worth of brand new Cisco networking equipment to JAARS.  I have been preparing this hardware to pass along to my IT colleagues in other parts of the world.  At many of our small field offices the network equipment is often old or low quality.  Those offices may not be able to afford more expensive and durable network hardware, so this high quality donated equipment should be a real blessing for them!  I have the privilege to help get it ready for their use, and produce basic setup instructions which should make it easy for them to configure on the field.  Be praying that as I advertise the availability of this hardware, the sites who will benefit most from it will be able to receive it, and this will provide an improvement in the reliability and the capabilities of their computer networks.  The end result I am praying for is that this will help get God’s Word more efficiently into many of the 2,000 remaining languages which still need translation!

An Upcoming Trip Taking Shape:
Wycliffe’s Australia branch recently contacted me to request assistance with fixing a satellite Internet connection problem at one of their remote offices.  This office is in the country of East Timor, in Southeast Asia.  The country is located on the eastern side of the island of Timor, between Indonesia and Australia.  See the following Wikipedia link for more information:

We are just beginning to get more technical information about the problem – well multiple problems actually, with the network and the computers at this remote office.  The Australia branch office which coordinates the work has received funding from Wycliffe’s Seed Company to cover the cost for two of us to travel there to troubleshoot and resolve the problems.  The Seed Company is sponsoring projects in East Timor and some of these are being held up due to the lack of Internet access for those doing Bible translation.  There are 19 languages actively spoken in East Timor; thirteen with no Scripture, three with Scripture portions, two with the complete New Testament, and just one (Portuguese) with the full Bible.

Please pray for me and one of my staff as we investigate the problems initially from here, and then as we make plans for this trip for on-site repairs, documentation, and training.  We expect the trip to occur between now and Thanksgiving, and it will probably be around one to two weeks in duration.

Prayer Requests and Praises:
Krista’s doctor is phasing her off of one of her migraine medications because it does not seem to be effective any longer.  Once she has stopped taking the medicine and it is out of her system (by year-end) then she will start a different medication.  Please pray that this transition will go smooth for her with little side-effects and no increase in her migraine frequency.  So far it has been going very well.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our monthly financial needs.  Donations sent during August, which we received from Wycliffe at the start of September were about $2,000 short of the amount we should normally receive and we had to pay some of our bills late.  The income from Krista’s job helped us scrape by, and we are praying that monthly gifts for the rest of this year will increase, as our reserves are now drained.  As faith missionaries we are used to big fluctuations in our income from month to month, and this is one of the things that tests and grows our faith as we see the Lord provide.  He has been doing that faithfully for thirteen years now, through a team of faithful and caring financial partners.  Even though we are concerned about funding shortages, we are blessed to have so many wonderful people and churches as part of our sending team!

Praise the Lord with us for His answers to our prayers in the lives of our children, Nick and Amanda.  Both are doing well in their college studies and lives, and we are looking forward to seeing them for a few days in mid-October during their fall school breaks.

Praise the Lord as well, for the progress that He is enabling in global Bible translation.  We are past the half-way point now in the timeline toward Vision 2025, which began in 1999, and the Lord is doing a real work around the world to bring His Word to the languages of people who do not yet have it.  This is sort of a teaser, but last week in a Wycliffe meeting I heard some really incredible statistics and a historic milestone about the progress of translation.  But we were instructed to not share the numbers in public until Wycliffe releases their official annual translation statistics update around year-end!  Once the official statistics are released, I will share that information with you.  For now I will just say that the Lord is definitely at work like we have never seen before, and we give Him the praise!

For God’s Glory,

Hank & Krista