October 2012

October 17, 2012:
Dear friends,

I’m writing this from the airport in Singapore.  Thanks for praying for our ministry!

Update on Trip to Indonesia:
Last month I wrote about an upcoming trip for network troubleshooting assistance in East Timor.  As I received more details about the trip, I found out that it is actually to WEST Timor, which is a big difference: actually a different country!  The island of Timor, directly north of Australia is split into two sections.  The east side split off of Indonesia many years ago to be recognized as its own country, while the western side is still part of Indonesia.  Details, details!  The location I am heading to is in the city of Kupang, Indonesia, literally on the other side of the world from where we live.

This trip has come about more quickly than I expected in order to meet up with a satellite technician who is scheduled to arrive in Kupang on October 20.  The Seed Company is sponsoring 8 Bible translation projects from this site in Kupang.  They provided funding for myself and a coworker, Paul Z., to make the long trip.  It will take us 4 days to get to Kupang through a series of long flights and brief layovers such as the one I’m on right now.  We will stay for 10 days in Kupang and then return home, getting back to North Carolina on Nov 2.

Last month I also mentioned receiving a sizeable donation of brand new Cisco networking equipment.  Part of the work in Kupang involves improving the office network to provide better wireless coverage, so I am bringing 5 Cisco wireless access points with me to set up there.  It’s great to put some of this donated equipment right into use!

Here are some things that Paul and I would really appreciate prayer for during the next two weeks:
  • Good health while on the trip as we will be exposed to different germs, foods, and living conditions (it will be about 90 degrees during the day in Kupang).
  • Safety in travel and no problems passing through customs, especially with the new equipment we have packed in our bags.
  • Wisdom to fix the various problems which we already know of, and also those which we won’t find out about until we arrive!
  • Adjustment to a different cultural setting: Neither Paul nor I have been to Asia before, so this is a new experience and we are likely to make some cultural mistakes.  Pray that none of them will be offensive to our hosts.  Part of my role is to train the Indonesians who are doing Bible translation there so they will strengthen their basic computer skills.
  • For Krista as we are apart.  We have been apart three weeks or more in the past, but that doesn't make it any easier.
The people overseeing translation in Kupang have given me permission to share information freely about the work there, so as our trip goes on I hope to post some pictures online via our website, and on Facebook too.  There is a great article online (here) about the work in Kupang if you are interested in reading more about it and seeing some pictures.  Also see the articles on this website titled “Dog Eared Scriptures”, “From Theft to Translation”, and “Celling the Word”.

Update on other personal prayer requests:
Krista’s transition off of one of her migraine medications is going well thus far.  She has about another month to work fully off of that medication and then we will evaluate how things are going and with the doctor’s advice will move on from there.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our monthly financial needs too.  The funds we received at the start of October were just barely enough to get through the month.  Our monthly income fluctuates normally as some churches give quarterly, and we expect that November will be a bit better.  That is important as Krista and I are planning a trip to Orlando after Thanksgiving to visit partners there, and for me to attend a work-related technical conference.  We so appreciate the faithful team of financial and prayer partners, and we continue to put our trust in the Lord to provide for our needs.

For those yet to get God’s Word,

Hank & Krista Scott
Wycliffe Bible Translators