November 2012

November 12, 2012:
Dear Prayer Team,

About a week ago I returned home with my coworker Paul Z from our trip to Indonesia.  Our return trip was safe and uneventful although from the time we departed Indonesia until we arrived back in North Carolina it was 43 hours, with over 30 hours in the air on numerous flights.  Our route took us through the JFK airport in New York just a few days after superstorm Sandy hit.  I was concerned that we might get stuck at JFK without a domestic flight home, but by the time we came through most normal flights had resumed, so it was no problem.

In addition to fixing the Internet connection, the network, the printer problems, and power issues at the Kupang, Indonesia center, we completed documentation and staff cross-training so that they will be better able to maintain their systems.  We feel like we made a significant impact to improve the state of technology there, which is so critical to the Bible translation work.  Praise the Lord!

We were thankful that we didn't encounter any major health or safety issues on the trip – Thanks so much for praying for these things!  It was great to get back home to Krista, and for Paul to return to his wife, Holly.  I am now feeling back in the US Eastern time zone again and getting caught up in the office.

We took a lot of photos on our trip, and I’m going through them to pull out some good ones out which I can share to tell our story, then I will upload them online so you can check them out.  For now I just wanted to post this brief message to confirm that we made it home safely and to thank you for your prayer support during the trip!

In Christ,

Hank Scott