October 2013

October 20, 2013:
Dear Prayer Partners,

Full Speed Ahead:
In our last email update I outlined the project that I am involved with to move our organization to Google Apps.  I have been working hard in the technical lead role for this project and we have begun our roll-out, moving over 300 people from their former email system to Google Apps.  While that is a good start, we have a long way to go with 10,000 more email accounts to switch to Google!  I continue to put in long hours, averaging between 60-70 per week currently to keep a step ahead of the roll-out team.  Since I thrive on figuring out new technology, I am enjoying this work.  Krista has been very patient and understanding with me considering the long hours I’m working!

It is great to be part of a team of highly skilled technicians, working together to figure out solutions to problems that we run across, and ultimately looking to the Lord to enable us to be successful in this huge undertaking.  The main goal of this project is to provide new tools for missionaries around the globe, increasing our efficiency and strengthening our communications with new forms of collaboration – all to provide God’s Word sooner rather than later to millions of people who do not yet have it.

Family Updates:
  • Nick continues his studies at Liberty University in Criminal Justice.  Krista visited him a couple of weeks ago, and he plans to come home for a brief visit at Thanksgiving.
  • Amanda is living at home and is still seeking work.  She has applied for a few jobs and is waiting for a response from a children’s hospital where she interviewed for a role in her Nutrition field.  In the meantime she has applied for a few part time jobs just to have some income, and is volunteering at the JAARS kitchen two days per week.
  • Krista recently found out that the children’s resource center which she manages for the county is slated to be transitioned to management by a local community college.  This would mean she would work for the college and report to a new boss.  More significantly, the resource center would relocate to the college’s library.  We have listed this under the prayer requests below.
Prayer Requests and Praises!
  • Hank is thankful for the Lord’s enabling in the Google Apps project and for the mental strength to work 11-12 hours per day during the critical launch phase.
  • We continue to run short on financial support and have a tough time making ends meet, even with the income from Krista’s job.  Please continue to pray that those who are financially able would partner with our ministry to provide the technical support needed to make God’s Word available to people who need it in their language.  Nearly 2000 language groups are still waiting to receive the Bible – technology plays a critical role in this work!
  • Thank you for praying for the Lord’s direction in the right job for Amanda.
  • Please pray for Krista’s job at the children’s resource center – that she would be a positive witness to those she works for and those she serves, and that the transition from county management to the community college would go smooth.  At this time there are many unknowns; even whether there will be space at the proposed location for their inventory of over 6,000 children’s educational items.
  • We are thankful for good medical care for Krista and medications that are working well to minimize her migraine headaches, chronic back pain, and other issues.  There are days when she still has challenges and we appreciate your prayers for her healing and endurance.
Thank you for your ongoing partnership and interest in our ministry!  Check out this short, 2 minute video: Why Bible Translation.  This is why we do what we do, and you help make this possible!

For those yet to receive God’s Word,

Hank & Krista Scott
Wycliffe Bible Translators