Change Your Passwords

Once a year is a good baseline for data that is low security.  For other things that you want to keep more secure, change those passwords more often, like every 90 days.  Some businesses require passwords to change every 30 days, and you cannot re-use the last 10 passwords!  But if you change all your passwords too often, you will go crazy trying to keep track of them!  So why change them at all?

I had a problem about a year ago with my personal Roadrunner email.  A hacker had gained access to my account, and while they were not sending out spam to all my friends, I did notice some other activity on my account.  If I had not seen that suspicious activity, and changed my password, then the hacker would still have access to that email account.

Sometimes hackers will steal bunches of user IDs and passwords and sell them to other hackers or illegal businesses in other countries.  So they might already have access to your account right now, but just not be using it yet.  By changing your password on a regular basis you can thwart those efforts.