Good Programs to Store Passwords

There are lots of good programs that you can use to securely store your passwords.  Some are free and others cost a small amount of money.  I’m really frugal so I always look for the good free ones.

There are two different ones that I am currently using depending on the need:
For more information on each one, click its link.  These are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a program to do this, these might help.

Why not just let my web browser remember my passwords?
You should NOT let your browser store your passwords for websites!  You know, that box that pops up when you put in your user ID and password, asking if you want to remember it for future use?

It is really convenient, but the way that most browsers store this data is very insecure.  If a hacker gained access to your computer through some malware, they could easily grab that data and have access to any websites where you have stored your user ID and password!

KeePass or LastPass can help.  There are many other programs which also do the same thing as Keepass or Lastpass.  I just mentioned these two because I have personal experience with them and they are among the top popular secure password management applications.