Smartphones – Fresh Meat for Hackers!

Also as mentioned in the Fox News report, Smartphones are a growing vulnerability – easy to hack, but so convenient to store important data on!  If you are storing things on your Smartphone which you don’t want anyone else to gain access to, you need to take some precautions.

You should password protect your Smartphone, which will keep someone curious out of it if you ever lose it.  You might also consider encrypting your Smartphone’s memory card if the phone offers that capability.  Be sure though to read up first on the impact of encrypting your phone’s memory, or ask for help from your phone vendor.

There is still some debate about whether antivirus or malware software on Smartphones is helpful or if it causes more problems than it is worth, and the answers vary depending on what type of phone you are using and how you use it.   Be aware that just like with a Windows PC, you can surf the Internet with a Smartphone and pick up malware which can even allow hackers to see every keystroke you make on your phone, or in some cases activate your phone’s mic, camera, or GPS without your knowledge.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but these are technical possibilities, although they are not frequent (yet) with Smartphones.  As the global use of Smartphones increases, they will become a larger target for hackers, and most Smartphones are not even as secure as PCs today.

I use my Smartphone for all sorts of things and I don’t plan to stop!  But I am careful about what software (apps) I install on it, and I take precautions to use good security on my Smartphone.