Using Different Passwords

Don’t use the same password everywhere!  You should use a different password for each of the following:
  • Facebook or other social networking websites like Twitter or photo sharing websites.  LinkedIn is a social networking site, focused on sharing people’s job qualifications.
  • Email accounts.  If you have multiple email accounts such as for work and personal use, I would suggest using different passwords those accounts.
  • Online banking websites and don’t forget about Paypal if you use that.
  • Online shopping websites like, Ebay or others.  Never use the same passwords on those sites as you use for your banking or Paypal accounts!
  • Other passwords for work-related computer systems.  Some companies have corporate security policies addressing this.
You don’t have to use a different password for EVERY different website, but at least think about the different classes of websites you use.  If someone gained access to your Facebook password, what other websites would they be able to access with that password if they found your user ID?  Hopefully nothing secure!