The list below are things that I need to do on the web site, so that I don't forget.
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Priority (A/B/C)DescriptionResolutionComplete
Priority (A/B/C)DescriptionResolutionComplete
Advertise on Facebook   
Add home page link to Check IT Out Done 26 Jan 2010  
Add national w/Bible photo for Our Mission Done 26 Jan 2010  
Add original photo for Our Mission Done 26 Jan 2010  
Complete Our mission Done 24 Jan 2010  
Add Jan 2010 newsletter and update what's new Done 18 Jan 2010  
Update Donations page for new ITP Done 6 Jun 2010  
Add site logo to header Done 18 Jan 2010  
Complete FAQs Hidden for now...  
Recuce size of header 183 pix to 150 or something   
Add link to blog Done 20 Feb 2010  
Set up Google Analytics Done 27 Jan 2010  
Reduce size of banner Done 20 Feb 2010  
Add family photo to who we are Done 18 Jan 2010  
Submit XML sitemap to Google Search to get indexed Done 28 Jan 2010  
Upload/Reorganize Prayer Cards Done 26 Jan 2010  
Set up redirection on Wysite Done 30 Jan 2010  
Buy other domains:, 2/20/2011:   
Link more Picasa albums to site Done 30 Jan 2010  
Archive old content from Wysite Done 30 Apr 2010  
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